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Weight Loss Success Stories

At Ultra Lite we have many weight loss success stories that we are proud of. As our program is based on a ketogenic diet, weight loss, or more importantly fat loss, tends to be very fast but safe in comparison to calorie reduced eating programs.

Many of our clients tell us that they were first attracted to the Ultra Lite weight loss and detox program because fat loss was achieved quickly thus maintaining a high level of motivation and they were learning skills of weight control for life.

Read on to share the experience of some of these people.

Emiliyan Gikovski

  • Male
  • Lost 40 kilos and 106cm in 33 weeks!

What circumstances contributed to your weight gain and how was your life affected?  Generally eating at the wrong times of the day, a weakness for sweets, and dropping off of my exercise routine. I was feeling very lethargic and generally low in motivation.

Had you tried other tyes of weight loss in the past, and what were the results?  Yes, several methods with pleasing results. Unfortunately, I always reverted back to old habits.  CLICK HERE to read the rest of Emiliyan’s story.

Sam Ince

  • Female
  • Lost 48 kg in 5 mths and has managed to keep it off for 8 years!

My Ultra-Lite Story…

How can one thank someone for giving their life back. That’s basically what happened to me. Sometimes it’s not until you look back at your life that you realize how life changing certain events are.

I think I’ve always been an emotional eater. I ate when I was happy, sad, stressed and I ate to keep emotions and problems at bay. I would eat to hide situations that I did not want to face. I was also a secret eater, eating or shall I say gorging on chocolate, chips or anything that made me ‘feel’ good.  CLICK HERE  to read the rest of Sam’s story.


Peter Wallace

  • Male
  • WOW 72.9 kg in 12 mths and Slimmer of the Year finalist!

My Ultra-Lite Story…

I stepped on to the scales at the Port Macquarie Base Hospital and saw that I weighed a whopping 157.9kg. I stood there and felt like my life had hit an all time low.

I had no social life, no clothes that fitted me and no confidence. But it wasn’t until the embarrassment of not being able to fit into a pair of 7 XL pants for my brother’s wedding that I realised this is not who I wanted to be. I decided I wanted to lose 10kg before the wedding, not just for myself but for my family.  …CLICK HERE to read the rest of Peter’s story.


Meriel Stanger

  • Female

Exercise is important to a healthy lifestyle, however being a quadriplegic, Meriel is testimony that the Ultra Lite program is not reliant on exercise to lose weight.

My Ultra-Lite Story…

LOSE WEIGHT, GAIN LIFE… That statement ‘Lose weight, gain life’ is such an old cliché, but it is true. This would have to be my greatest achievement.  I started losing the weight as I knew being overweight revolted James. I know the ‘feminist movement’ would be very cross with me. Believe me, when my health started improving I could see the real reason for losing weight.  CLICK HERE to read the rest of Meriel’s story.


Surprise your family with a lighter, healthier you.

Ultralite weight-loss program delivers results.

Lose up to 10kg in 5 weeks.  And maintain your new weight.

With Ultralite it is real food you buy, it is real food you prepare, it is real food you enjoy – no shakes!

There’s no gimics, just proven success for our clients.

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We offer Ultra Lite at two facilities in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne:

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  • RINGWOOD  –  Healthways Aquatic Centre, 108-110 New Street, Ringood 3134, ph. 9879 5777

We look forward to helping you with your weight-loss goals very soon.

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