Personal Training

Why have a Personal Trainer?

Having extra monitoring and on-hand expertise means that you can work out effectively, get the intensity and movement correct and try new exercises progressively and safely.

Its not easy to find the time to exercise in a busy schedule, so making sure you use your time wisely is essential. Your personal trainer will work out challenges with you and adapt your challenges as you improve, keeping you on track and focused.

Personal Training is perfect for people who:

  • Have limited time available for exercise;
  • Want tailored, professional, expert advice to best achieve their goals;
  • Have a specific goal or a set time period to achieve their fitness goals; or
  • Have health/mobility considerations that require more individual attention.

Personal Training Options:


  • During COVID-19 health and wellbeing is as important as ever.
  • While we’re home, we can still look after our physical and mental health utilising live-stream options.
  • We are offering Live-Stream personal training via Zoom, with some of our wonderful personal trainers to get you moving and feeling healthy:
    • Monday mornings/evenings
    • Tuesday mornings/evenings
    • Wednesday mornings/evenings
    • Thursday mornings/evenings
    • Friday mornings
  • There is a 10% discount on personal training via zoom as instructors don’t have travel time.
  • To enquire about availability, fill out the online form below (or send an email to with your preferred times/days and we’ll contact you asap to discuss trainers and make your first appointment.


  • As per Step 2 in the roadmap to re-opening (as of 28/09/20), outdoor personal training is now available.
  • Outdoor Personal Training operates under an approved COVID-safe plan including: a maximum of 2 people plus the trainer, within 5km of the client’s home or permitted workplace, maintaining social distancing, with the instructor wearing a face covering, and no sharing of equipment.
  • This is the first step to being able to get back into face-to-face training!
  • Our wonderful personal trainers are offering outdoor personal training:
    • Monday mornings/evenings
    • Tuesday mornings/evenings
    • Wednesday mornings/evenings
    • Thursday mornings/evenings
    • Friday mornings
  • Outdoor Personal Training is not available for half hour sessions.  The standard session length is 1 hour.
  • To enquire about availability, fill out the online form below (or send an email to with your preferred times/days and we’ll contact you asap to discuss trainers and make your first appointment.

Can I choose my trainer?

Both male and female instructors are available for one-on-one personal training. You can select someone you already know, whose personality and experience suits you. Alternatively we can make a selection based on your available days and time.

When it comes to getting results, all trainers work within your needs to maximise your work outs. All trainers work with exercise beginners through to advanced.

Who’s part of the Healthways team of trainers?

All our qualified personal trainers are skilled in:

  • Weight loss/gain;
  • Strength training;
  • Improving cardio fitness;
  • Motivation psychology; and
  • Injury prevention.

In addition, they are involved in other areas of the health and fitness industry, as listed below:

Imke Calleja – is a qualified and experienced Fitness Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. She has been a Personal Trainer for the last 15 years. As an ex-nurse Imke loves to help people to improve their health (mentally and physically).  She specialises in rehabilitation in all age groups, which means very individual workouts for functional movements, strengthening, increased balance and improving wellbeing in general.  Imke is an easy go lucky person, who has always a smile on her face, she is passionate about healthy eating and keeping fit.  She started practising karate as an adult and she can integrate it into her sessions. She always attends regular industry professional development to stay at best-practice because she believes that we never stop learning.

Carmen Sanz Paredes – is a qualified and experienced Fitness Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Zumba Instructor.  She is originally from Spain, and has worked in the fitness industry across multiple countries.  She is passionate about keeping fitness fun.  If you enjoy what you do, you’ll stick with it and reach your goals.  She loves utilising different equipment and exercises to keep you challenged and moving.  She has a strong following in her Zumba classes and her personal training clients often reference her energy and enthusiasm.  Carmen will keep you happy and motivated.

Jeff Parker – is a qualified Fitness instructor, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness instructor and Boxing instructor. Jeff has great passion for health and fitness and experience across a wide range of sports and activities. He also has extensive experience in corporate roles specialling in leadership, mentoring, team and individual development and understands the importance of the role that health and fitness plays in delivering quality to our everyday work and personal lives. Jeff’s personal mantra is “be your best”.

Jen Findlow – Jen is a qualified and experienced Pilates instructor, Fitness instructor, Group fitness instructor and Personal Trainer with 8 years experience.  Jen has a Diploma in Contemporary Pilates encompassing mat work and all types of Pilates studio equipment.  Her particular interest is in making studio style Pilates accessible for the average gym client by incorporating exercises for use with standard gym apparatus such as hand weights and resistance bands.  Additionally, she offers Reformer Pilates personal training at Healthways.  Studying functional movement disciplines and expanding her Pilates knowledge is a passion.  Jen is also passionate about guiding her clients on their fitness journey so they understand their bodies and become their own teachers instead of always following a prescribed workout plan.  Having recently celebrated her 50th birthday, Jen credits her continually improving abilities in her favourite sports of rock and ice climbing and snowboarding to her own personal Pilates practise.


Start by filling in your details below for an obligation free facility tour and chat with one of our trainers.

Personal Training Enquiry Form


Session packs and prices.

At Healthways we offer half hour or hour sessions, and single sessions or session packages to fit into anyone’s budget. Choose what works best for you. Full price list below.

REMEMBER: There are no gym entry fees or other hidden charges! It’s all inclusive!

Standard 1:1 Personal Training

2021:Half Hour SessionsHour Sessions
Single Sessions:$54.90ea$85.50ea
10 Session Pack:$520.00
(ie. $52.00ea)
(ie. $81.20ea)

Group Personal Training (2-4 people): Keep up your motivation and achieve your goals with a friend.

2021:Half Hour SessionsHour Sessions
Single Sessions:$66.00ea$99.00ea
10 Session Pack:$627.00
(ie. $62.70ea)
(ie. $94.00ea)

Gym Member Discount: One of the benefits of gym membership is discounted personal training sessions.

2021:Half Hour SessionsHour Sessions
Standard Single Sessions:$43.90ea$69.40ea
Standard 10 Session Pack:$417.00
(ie. $41.70ea)
(ie. $65.90ea)
Group Single Sessons:$66.00ea$99.00ea
Group 10 Session Pack:$627.00
(ie. $62.70ea)
(ie. $94.00ea)


Lay-by Option:  You can lay-by personal training packs. Simply pay a minimum deposit of 50% of the cost of the pack and then you have one month to pay off the balance. While you are paying off your balance you can start your road to better health and fitness.

Upgrade offer

Compliment your personal training with group exercise classes or gym sessions in your own time.  The key to achieving your health goals is exercising frequently, so many of our clients combine sessions with their personal trainer and visits to group exercise classes or the gym in their own time.

10 Visit Card (Has no expiry date, and may be used for any group exercise class or gym session.)$243.00
Gym Membership (Includes unlimited group exercise classes and gym sessions. CLICK HERE for more information on gym memberships.)$39.08-$52.92 per fortnight

Have a look through what else we offer:

Still not sure what to do?

Are you still unsure about what to do?  To show you that our gym is comfortable for all – including people who have never come to a gym before – we encourage you to come in and try the facilities with a complimentary trial passes.  CLICK HERE for more information.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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