Swimming Lessons

Do you and your children know how to swim?

Swimming is such an important life skill.  Join the fun in the water, and let us teach your children swimming and water survival skills that they’ll keep with them for life.

At Healthways, we specialise in children and beginner lessons, so that everyone in the family can enjoy and be confident in the water, all year round.

We offer swim programs for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, primary school age children, early secondary school age students, and adults. We have lessons for everyone in the family.

All our teachers are qualified, and our small class sizes mean that your children will receive more teacher attention.

Industry awards and recognition:

It’s important for new clients to feel confident that you are coming to a swim school that is reliable and reputable.  Amongst our industry peers we are recognised as:

  • Finalist VIC Teacher of Infants and Pre-schoolers 2017!
  • Finalist VIC Swim School of the Year 2015.
  • Winner AUST Most Environmentally Friendly Swim School 2013!
  • Finalist VIC Excellence in Facility Management 2013.
  • Winner VIC Innovative Program of the Year 2012!
  • Winner VIC Teacher of Infants and Pre-schoolers 2012!
  • Winner AUST Teacher of Infants and Pre-schoolers 2012!
  • Finalist VIC Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety 2012.
  • Finalist AUST Most Environmentally Friendly Swim School 2011.
  • Finalist AUST Best Swim School Print Material 2011.
  • President of Swim School Owners Association of Australia (VIC Branch) 2010.
  • Finalist VIC Water Safety Week Program of the Year 2009.
  • Finalist VIC Teacher of Infants and Pre-schoolers 2009.
  • President of Swim School Owners Association of Australia (VIC Branch) 2009.
  • Pre-2009 award wins and finals have been kept off this list to show you more recent achievements, however, more can be supplied if required.

We proudly share these achievements with you as an indication of the passion and dedication we have for our profession and for the children that we teach.

Healthways Swim School Provides…

Our swim school provides classes that give students opportunities and learning experiences that are fun and positive:

  • We have small class sizes:
    • Maximum of 4 students for ALL Learn-to-Swim classes!
    • For under 3 year old classes where parents are in the water, there is a maximum of 8 students per class.
  • Qualified & Experienced teachers!
  • ‘Make up classes’ or ‘Family swim’ options if you miss a class!
  • A ‘Survival Week’ every term where students wear clothing in the water to practice their survival skills!
  • Levels that fit in to the National Grading Guidelines.
  • Special programs including Snorkelling days and Diving workshops.
  • We also encourage parents to stay and watch their children learn to swim as there are NO Spectator Fees.

A complete swimming and water safety education program…

We are always developing new ways to engage parents and students:

  • We were involved for a long time in the committee and senior management of the Swim School Owners Association of Australia (VIC Branch);
  • We are members of Swim Australia and participate in industry events that they coordinate;
  • We are members of AUSTSWIM Australia and participate in industry events that they coordinate;
  • We have long been the only program we know of to deliver class-room-based water safety education to childcare centres, kindergartens, maternal health centres, and play groups – and this program has won a couple of industry awards in its own right;
  • We teach swim levels that fit into the National Grading Guidelines;
  • We are part of the Victorian Government’s Premier’s Award for Swimming certificate;
  • We have structured teacher training for people who are gaining their teaching qualification;
  • All our ongoing internal teacher training is recognised by Austswim Australia; and
  • We host a number of swim school events during the year including: Snorkelling experiences, Boat safety weeks, Infant Aquatic Open Days, CPR courses for parents, and Diving workshops.

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