What happens if you miss a class?

As much as possible, please make the effort to attend all your regular classes so you can develop with the teacher and the other students in your class.

If you are not able to attend your class, ANY absence, for ANY reason, may be utilised as a make-up class or family swim as per ‘What happens if I miss a class?’ in our ‘Policies and Procedures Brochure’.

  • Make-up classes – These are scheduled classes that offer students a chance to attend a different class to ‘make-up’ for an absence in their regular class.  There is a maximum of 2 make-up classes permitted per term/intensives.  Make-up classes must be taken-up in the term that the absence occurred in.  If you are absent from a make-up class, you cannot make-up a make-up class.
    • For all ‘Pre-school’ and level 1-3 ‘School-age’ students:  Make-up classes are booked during regular term classes.  Bookings can be made any time in the last 3 weeks of the term.  Refer to the calendar of events in the centre newsletter for when bookings open. Bookings are made at reception.
    • Level 4 students: Make-up classes are booked during regular Level 5 classes. Bookings can be made any week during the term.  Bookings are made at reception.
    • For Aqua-bubs, Aqua-tots, Squad and Adult students: Makeup classes are booked during regular classes. Bookings can be made any week during the term.  Bookings are made at reception.
  • Family Swims – This option offers students a chance to come to the pool and practice their swimming skills with their family.  Two adults and up to three children can go for a casual swim at any time when the pool is available.  There is no maximum number of family swims that can be used per term/intensives.  Family swims are valid until the end of the following term’s holidays. Eg. An absence in Term 1 may be redeemed as a family swim until the end of the holidays after Term 2.  To redeem your family swim, simply come in and tell the receptionist you want to use a ‘family swim’ for a missed swim lesson. They will mark your absence on the computer to show you’ve come in for a family swim.

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