SPECIAL OFFER – Adult Swimming Lessons

MID-YEAR SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase a $200 Adult Swimming Lesson Voucher, for $150. SAVE $50 per voucher!

Are you one of the many adults who can’t swim confidently?

Swimming is such an important life skill, but many people didn’t have the opportunity to learn as a child.  Royal Life Saving Society research has found that one in four Australian adults are either weak swimmers or non-swimmers.  You are not alone.  And you can do something about it!
If you’re an adult who can relate to any of the below, don’t wait any longer.  Start your journey to swimming confidently now.

  • “My kids can swim better than I can”
  • “I’m scared/embarrassed to go to the pool”
  • “I get nervous when we go on a boat”
  • “My doctor said water exercise/hydrotherapy would be good for me, but I don’t know how to swim”
  • “I don’t think I could save myself if I fell in the water”
  • “I wish I could swim better”

Start your journey to swimming confidently

With locations in Mont Albert North and Ringwood, Healthways Swim School offers lessons 7 days a week: mornings, afternoons and evenings.  Our pools are a warm 32 degrees year-round and are salt water pools.

Our small class sizes mean that you will receive more teacher attention, helping build your confidence and skills in every lesson.  All students welcome.

Adults can join group classes, or have private lessons.  Choose the class format that suits you.

Adult lessons are not at peak child lesson times; they’re after work and during the day so that the pool is quieter and adults are more comfortable.

Skills are introduced progressively so that adults are supported to go from non-swimmers all the way up to lap-swimmers.

At Healthways, we’re the experts in developing skills in the water for the whole family!

  • Adult Level 1 – In this level basic skills are introduced so that you can: Control your breath and go underwater; Use arm and leg actions to move through the water; Float for 10 seconds with support; Complete an independent swim for 3metres and finish in a standing position.
  • Adult Level 2 – In this level recognisable strokes start to be introduced and distances build so that you can: Breathe in a front and side position; Demonstrate basic freestyle technique; Demonstrate basic backstroke technique; Demonstrate basic survival backstroke technique; Float and Tread water unassisted.
  • Adult Level 3 – In this level advanced stroke technique is introduced and distances build again so that you can: Demonstrate advanced freestyle technique; Demonstrate advanced backstroke technique; Demonstrate advanced survival backstroke technique; Demonstrate Breaststroke technique; Complete multiple laps of the pool.


This is a mid-year special offer EXCLUSIVELY for Adult students (16+yrs old).  It is a sad fact that there has been an upswing in adult drownings in recent years.  We take our role in the community seriously, and have pledged to support more adult members in our community to learn this life-saving skill.  Many adults didn’t have the opportunity as a child.  Regardless of the reason why you missed out on learning to swim as a child, you can give yourself the opportunity to learn to swim now.

We have opened up more adult class times to support your learning.

Teaching adults is amazingly rewarding!  Adults who come to lessons are facing their challenges, trying something new, and ticking off something on their bucket list.  It is a deep privilege to be there helping you achieve your goals.  The first time an adult experiences the weightlessness of swimming through the water is a moment of high celebration!


  • Start your lessons any time in the next 2 years.
  • Use your Swim School Voucher towards any adult swimming lessons (16+yrs old), ie. Group Classes or Private Lessons.
  • This special offer is not refundable, or redeemable for cash.
  • More information about the swim school can be found at www.healthways.com.au/boxhill/swimming-pool/swimming-lessons/
  • Offer available to all, ie. new, returning & existing students.
  • Offer must be purchased online using the form below by 11.59pm 31/08/24.

SPECIAL OFFER - Adult Swimming Lessons

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