Core Stability Classes

Healthways offers many ways to improve your core stability and body tone.

You will be amazed at how much you will ‘work-out’ in these low impact classes!

As well as experiencing a physical workout, they provide mental focus and relaxation.

Iyengar style Hatha Yoga

‘Yoga’ means union or integration; the central discipline of yoga is the strengthening and quietening the mind through concentration and inner self awareness.  There are several branches of yoga, each emphasising different principles and practice.

Hatha yoga is the form most commonly practiced in the West.  Those seeking greater vitality, rejuvenation, relaxation and relief from tension and stress would enjoy this form.  Hatha yoga works directly with the physical body as the focus of mental attention.

Iyengar yoga is a precise and dynamic form of Hatha yoga developed by master B.K.S. Iyengar.  It is the focus of concentration and self awareness on the external and subsequently, the internal states of the body.  It is about achieving balance and harmony through postures (asanas) and then concentrated breathing (pranayama).  It provides a holistic approach to healing through treatment of the individual as a unified body and mind.

The key to real success is your mental attitude rather than your physical condition.  In class, you will be able to progress with movements through observation, adjustment and by extending yourself.

For class times CLICK HERE to go to the group exercise class page, where you’ll find the timetable link.


Pilates focuses on using the correct muscles during movements, while the incorrect muscles are encouraged to relax.  Because it is designed to strengthen weak muscles and focus on the control of stabilising muscles during exercises, it is ideal for injury rehabilitation (back, neck, shoulders, knees and feet).  Due to this, it is has gained acceptance in the professional sports industry.


  • Builds strength without bulking up
  • Increases flexibility and agility
  • Develops core control
  • Creates flat abdominals, slender thighs and a strong back
  • Refreshes the mind – a stress releaser
  • Challenges you, yet is safe!

Pilates refreshes your physical and mental well being. The series of controlled movements unite the body and mind and create a direct connection to the muscles.  The quality of movement is valued over quantity (repetitions). Proper breathing is essential and this helps to execute the movements with maximum power and efficiency.  Learning this style of breathing can reduce stress.

For class times CLICK HERE to go to the group exercise class page, where you’ll find the timetable link.

Pilates Combo

This is a “Chi Ball” style class, combining yoga, pilates, small swiss-balls, large swiss-balls, tai chi, stretch and relaxation.

A great mixture of disciplines, this class takes the best of all worlds and packages them in a comprehensive class that will have you walking out taller than when you walked in.

For class times CLICK HERE to go to the group exercise class page, where you’ll find the timetable link.

Swiss-ball Body

This class develops core stability and all over body strength using swiss-balls.

The use of stability balls originated in rehabilitation as early as the 1900’s.  Because of the advantages, the use of the ball then shifted to the athletic area in the 1990’s, where it was used for conditioning of professional athletes.  The benefits of swiss-balls are now well recognised in the fitness community.

Sitting on a swiss-ball forces proper spine alignment.  Because a ball is not stable, your body needs to balance itself. The perfect spinal posture is coincidently the easiest to balance with. Thus, helping to improve your spinal health and decrease back pains.

In class, by exercising while sitting or leaning on the balls your body is constantly making small adjustments to your  postural muscles, abdominals, gluteals and leg muscles.
Additionally, this class uses your body weight, hand weights, bar weights, resistance bands, medicine balls, etc to develop upper and lower body strength and increase muscle tone!

For class times CLICK HERE to go to the group exercise class page, where you’ll find the timetable link.

What do I wear and bring to a core stability class?

It is best to wear loose or non-constricting clothes.  You will take your shoes off in Yoga and Pilates classes, but you will need supportive shoes for Swiss-ball Body classes.

Mats (for Yoga and Pilates) and balls (for Swiss-ball Body) are provided, though if you have your own you are welcome to bring them.  Any other equipment used in class is provided.

Yoga includes a relaxation session at the end of class.  You may want a blanket & cushion for this time to keep you warm and comfortable.

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