Aqua Exercise Classes


Aqua exercise is fast becoming a popular alternative form of exercise, having significant benefits for people of all ages and ability.

Over the decades people have run, jumped, bounced and pumped their way through fitness routines which may have left them with damage to their joints and muscles. Exercising in water is a safe and effective alternative.

Recently, health and fitness providers have created water exercise programs that give you a workout to raise your heart rate to a training zone. In fact many AFL football clubs include water exercise in their training programs, dispelling the myth that aqua workouts are always gentle!

Aqua aerobics classes are beneficial for:

  • Cardio-vascular fitness!
  • Resistance training!
  • Burning calories!
  • Injury rehabilitation!
  • Hydrotherapy!
  • Social interaction!

You can increase or decrease the exercise intensity easily in the water. It is very possible to improve the efficiency of the cardio-respiratory (heart-lung) and cardio-vascular (heart-arteries-veins) systems.

Did you know…? Many think that aqua exercise is a recent innovation, however some ancient civilisations of the world (Greeks, Chinese and Romans) used water for exercise and practical therapy.

Water Exercise Burns Calories

Exercising in water is one of the highest calorie burning activities, and certainly the kindest to your muscles and joints. Additionally, water activities exercise the whole body – the legs, stomach, arms and back.

Compare calories burnt during water exercise versus land exercise options:

Have a look at the table right and note that the equivalent calorie count for water options is achieved with less effort compared to the land option. This is because the water creates resistance with every movement.

For example: ‘Leisurely aqua aerobics or swimming’ is the same as ‘aerobic dancing’; and ‘Gentle water exercise’ is the same as ‘walking @ 6.4km/hr, brisk pace’.

So if you want to loose weight, increase your metabolism, protect your body from injury, and you enjoy the water, then water exercise is a great option for you.

Class times:

For class times CLICK HERE to go to the group exercise class page, where you’ll find the timetable link.  The Aqua Aerobics group classes are called: Aqua Power.

Note: For people requiring gentler water exercise, we also offer Hydrotherapy classes and public swimming.

CLICK HERE to go to the group exercise class page, where you’ll find the timetable link.  The hydrotherapy group classes are called: Aqua Lite & Aqua Gentle.

CLICK HERE for pool availability timetable.

We look forward to seeing you in the water soon!

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