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Do you and your children know how to swim?

Swimming is such an important life skill.  Join the fun in the water, and let us teach your children swimming and water survival skills that they’ll keep with them for life.

At Healthways, we specialise in children and beginner lessons, so that everyone in the family can enjoy and be confident in the water, all year round.

We offer swim programs for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, primary school age children, early secondary school age students, and adults. We have lessons for everyone in the family.

All our teachers are Austswim qualified, and our small class sizes mean that your children will receive more teacher attention.

Industry awards and recognition:

It’s important for new clients to feel confident that you are coming to a swim school that is reliable and reputable.  Amongst our industry peers we are recognised as:

  • Board Member of Australian Swim School Association 2021.
  • Finalist VIC Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety 2020.
  • Board Member of Australian Swim School Association 2020.
  • Finalist VIC Swim School of the Year 2019.
  • Finalist VIC Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety 2019.
  • Finalist VIC Teacher of Infants and Pre-schoolers 2017.
  • Finalist VIC Swim School of the Year 2015.
  • Winner AUST Most Environmentally Friendly Swim School 2013!
  • Finalist VIC Excellence in Facility Management 2013.
  • Winner VIC Innovative Program of the Year 2012!
  • Winner VIC Teacher of Infants and Pre-schoolers 2012!
  • Winner AUST Teacher of Infants and Pre-schoolers 2012!
  • Finalist VIC Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety 2012.
  • Finalist AUST Most Environmentally Friendly Swim School 2011.
  • Finalist AUST Best Swim School Print Material 2011.
  • President of Swim School Owners Association of Australia (VIC Branch) 2010.
  • Pre-2010 award wins and finals have been kept off this list to show you more recent achievements, however, more can be supplied if required.

We proudly share these achievements with you as an indication of the passion and dedication we have for our profession and for the children that we teach.

Healthways Swim School Provides…

Our swim school provides classes that give students opportunities and learning experiences that are fun and positive:

  • We have small class sizes:
    • Maximum of 4 students for ALL Learn-to-Swim classes!
    • For under 3 year old classes where parents are in the water, there is a maximum of 8 students per class.
  • Qualified & Experienced teachers!
  • ‘Make up classes’ or ‘Family swim’ options if you miss a class!
  • A ‘Survival Week’ every term where students wear clothing in the water to practice their survival skills!
  • Levels that fit in to the National Grading Guidelines.
  • Special programs including Snorkelling days and Diving workshops.
  • We also encourage parents to stay and watch their children learn to swim as there are NO Spectator Fees.

A complete swimming and water safety education program…

We are always developing new ways to engage parents and students:

  • We were involved for a long time in the committee and senior management of the Swim School Owners Association of Australia (VIC Branch);
  • We are members of Swim Australia and participate in industry events that they coordinate;
  • We are members of AUSTSWIM Australia and participate in industry events that they coordinate;
  • We have long been the only program we know of to deliver class-room-based water safety education to childcare centres, kindergartens, maternal health centres, and play groups – and this program has won a couple of industry awards in its own right;
  • We teach swim levels that fit into the National Grading Guidelines;
  • We are part of the Victorian Government’s Premier’s Award for Swimming certificate;
  • We have structured teacher training for people who are gaining their teaching qualification;
  • All our ongoing internal teacher training is recognised by Austswim Australia; and
  • We host a number of swim school events during the year including: Snorkelling experiences, Boat safety weeks, Infant Aquatic Open Days, CPR courses for parents, and Diving workshops.

Where are we located?

We have two pools in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne:

  • MONT ALBERT NTH  –  Healthways Recreation Centre, 1-11 Arcade Road, Mont Albert North 3129

Ph. 9895 2300

Pool inspections and visits to the centre are welcome at any time.  CLICK HERE for Map and Opening times.

All classes at Mont Albert North are held in our 0.9-1.2m deep, 4 lane, 18m long, heated indoor pool.  The pool is heated to 32 degrees so it’s lovely and warm.  Perfect for teaching.

This pool is a salt pool  –  Great for sensitive skin!  If you or your child have sensitive skin or eyes the water is gentle on you.  Particularly good news for people with allergies, eczema or general skin dryness.  For more information on how our salt pool works CLICK HERE.

  • RINGWOOD  –  Healthways Aquatic Centre, 108-110 New Street, Ringood 3134

Ph. 9879 5777

Pool inspections and visits to the centre are welcome at any time.  CLICK HERE for Map and Opening times.

All classes at Ringwood are held in our 0.8-1.3m deep, 6 lane, 25m long, heated indoor pool.  The pool is heated to 32 degrees so it’s lovely and warm.  Perfect for teaching.

This pool is a salt pool  –  Great for sensitive skin!  If you or your child have sensitive skin or eyes the water is gentle on you.  Particularly good news for people with allergies, eczema or general skin dryness.  For more information on how our salt pool works CLICK HERE.

Since taking over the building in Jan 2012 we have been steadily making long-term improvements to the facilities.  Let us point out some of these to you…  Especially important if you have been to the centre before because it is looking and operating better than ever.  Please CLICK HERE for information about what improvements have been made.

Available Programs:

Age: 6mths – 3yrs
These programs aim to familiarise children with the water, encourage water confidence and introduce independent skills. Parents assist their children in water activities, and develop skills together in: Entries & Exits, Floating, Sculling & Keeping Balance, Underwater skills, Kicking and arm actions, Parent Education, Extra carer and child skills. Nursery Rhymes and a large variety of toys are used to engage the children and assist their mental and physical development.

Age: 3yrs – 5yrs
This program develops greater water skills and teaches children across five levels – beginner, beginner gold, confident, intermediate and advanced. Beginner classes introduce students to the water, while progression through the levels results in advanced classes being able to swim independently and developing basic stroke technique.
Children are engaged using floatation aids, equipment and/or toys. We aim to make the water an enjoyable experience so children can’t wait to get to the pool for their lesson every week.  When children go to school they swap into the equivalent school age level.

Age: 5+yrs
Our school age program is based on the national swimming grading guidelines. As the children progress from level 1 to level 4 they are taught attainable and challenging skills aimed at broadening their water independence, stroke technique and water safety skills.
Our classes develop skills in — entries & exits, floating, sculling & treading water, swimming technique on front, swimming technique on back, survival skills, underwater skills, diving skills, rescue skills and endurance.  In addition, school age children may participate in special events throughout the year including snorkelling workshops, distance swims, etc.

This program provides students with an introduction to a squad environment, while not being intimidating for those children who don’t wish to pursue competitive swimming. It focuses on improving stroke technique and developing endurance and speed.

These programs focus on advanced stroke and survival skill development. During these classes improved stroke technique results in improved speed and endurance. Additionally, the students general health and fitness levels are constantly challenged. These programs provide a fun recreational environment for students who enjoy swimming and/or wish to pursue competitive swimming.

Age: All
These classes provide toddlers, children, teens and adults with the opportunity to benefit from learning in water. Depending on the needs of individual students there are group classes, private classes, and social groups available.


These classes provide adults with the opportunity to gain confidence in the water, learn how to swim or improve technique in a personal and friendly environment. Adults can progress at their own pace, while gaining the additional health and fitness benefits of being in the water.


Private classes provide adults or children with personal tuition. Whether you’re just starting out or you want extra help with your skills, private lessons give you all the attention you need. Lessons can be arranged for one(teacher)-to-one(student), or for up to one(teacher)-to-four(students).


Progression through the Program:

To help students progress through the program, firstly, classes are grouped according to age.  Children learn differently as they change from toddlers to pre-schoolers to primary school age and our classes allow children to be taught in age-appropriate ways.

Then within each age group, classes are grouped according to ability using comprehensive levels which include skills covering: Entries & Exits, Floating, Sculling & Treading Water, Swimming on Tummy, Swimming on Back, Survival Sequences, Underwater Skills, Safe Diving Skills, Rescue Skills, and Endurance.  All our level criteria can be seen at the centre on the pool foyer wall.

The levels within each age group fit together as shown below.

CLICK HERE to enlarge.

Choose your class Frequency:

We offer:

  • Regular Classes – ie. Classes once per week during the school term. (Available for all age groups).  See below for class times; and
  • Holiday Intensive Classes – ie. Classes once per day for 5 consecutive days during the school holidays. (Available for 3 year olds to level 5.)  Holiday Intensive Classes happen in the mornings.  Generally these classes are Mon-Fri, but where there is a public holiday during the week they may run Sun-Thur or Tues-Sat so that there are still 5 classes.

Regular Class Times:

To give you an idea of when classes run, please see the tables below.

For specific level class times and availability please phone reception or email healthways@healthways.com.au.  You will be asked some questions about your child’s swimming ability to determine what level they would be suited to, and then reception can give you some available times to choose from.

CLICK TABLE to enlarge:



Term 1 2022:

April 2022 Holiday Intensive Program:

  • Mon 11/04/22 – Thurs 14/04/22
  • Tues 19/04/22 – Fri 22/04/22

Term 2 2022:

  • Tues 19/04/21 – Sun 03/07/22

June/July 2022 Holiday Intensive Program:

  • Mon 27/06/22 – Fri 01/07/22
  • Mon 04/07/22 – Fri 08/07/22

Term 3 2022:

  • Mon 11/07/22 – Sun 18/09/22

Sept/Oct 2022 Holiday Intensive Program:

  • Mon 19/09/22 – Thurs 22/09/22
  • Mon 26/09/22 – Fri 30/09/22

Term 4 2022:

  • Mon 26/09/22 – Tues 20/12/22

January 2023 Holiday Intensive Program:

  • Dec Week: TBC
  • Jan Week 1: TBC
  • Jan Week 2: TBC
  • Jan Week 3: TBC
  • Jan Week 2: TBC

Leaders and 3 kids smaller 10


Do you need childcare for your other children during lessons?

While one child is having their lesson, do you need childcare for your other child/ren?

We can help. We have child minding facilities for clients’ children while they are in the centre. The playroom is open 9am-12noon weekdays. Children 6wks-preschool age can play and participate in craft activities while you are doing your activity within the centre.

CLICK HERE for more information on the supervised playroom.


CLICK HERE for prices.


Come & Try:


SWIM STARTER PACK FOR $150.00. (Available for regular term classes only.)

To see whether our swim school is right for you, when you first enrol you’ll just pay a deposit of $150.00. This is called the ‘Swim Starter’.  This covers your classes until the first monthly direct debit, so you can try the classes out.  If you’re happy simply stay on and your first direct debit will happen as scheduled. If you don’t wish to continue, simply cancel your classes before your first direct debit.  Easy!

We look forward to seeing you soon.


What happens if you miss a class?

As much as possible, please make the effort to attend all your regular classes so you can develop with the teacher and the other students in your class.If you are not able to attend your class, ANY absence, for ANY reason, may be utilised as a make-up class or family swim as per our absence policy.
  • Make-up classes – These are scheduled classes that offer students a chance to attend a different class to ‘make-up’ for an absence in their regular class.
    • Please note that only absences that have been notified at least 2 hours beforehand are entitled to a make-up class. This is because if you don’t notify that you are going to be absent, there is not the opportunity for someone else to do a make-up in your place. Similarly, if someone else doesn’t notify that they’re going to be away you can’t book a make-up in their place. The ability to offer make-ups only works when absences are notified beforehand.
    • When you notify of an absence before hand, it notes it down in the system and makes your absence available for someone else to book as a make-up class. Once the date of your notified absence has passed, a ‘Make-up token’ will be created for you. ‘Make-up tokens’ are valid for 28 days. Anytime in that 28 days, you can log-in to your client portal and book a make-up class. There is no maximum number of make-up tokens that you can create or redeem.  Once a make-up token has been used it cannot be rescheduled or cancelled, ie. you cannot make-up a make-up.
    • Any vacancy in a class is released as a make-up class a day in advance. So you can look in your portal anytime and see the make-ups that are available for that day and the next day, and book something in.  Please note that we are unable to guarantee that a make-up will be available at at a time that you can do.  It is luck-of-the-draw with the times that make-ups are available.
    • To book a make-up, go to ‘My Account’ https://app.iclasspro.com/portal/healthways/account, click ‘Makeups’ for the student, and follow the prompts.
  • Family Swims – This option offers students a chance to come to the pool and practice their swimming skills with their family.  Two adults and up to three children can go for a casual swim at any time when the pool is available.  There is no maximum number of family swims that can be used per term/intensives.  Family swims are valid until the end of the following term’s holidays. Eg. An absence in Term 1 may be redeemed as a family swim until the end of the holidays after Term 2.  To redeem your family swim, simply come in and tell the receptionist you want to use a ‘family swim’ for a missed swim lesson. They will mark your absence on the computer to show you’ve come in for a family swim.


If you would like to enrol in future terms or intensives, you can place your name on the call back list for those classes.

How does the call back list work?

  • Before the end of term, current students and siblings can book into the class times they would prefer for the following term.
  • One week before the end of term, we open the following term’s classes to new and returning students.  You can phone us any time after this date to enrol, however, we also offer a call back service so that we can call you in case you forget to call us.

To place your name on the call back list, CLICK HERE.


Forms & Publications:

We look forward to seeing you in the water soon.



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