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COVID-Safe Procedures for Pool/Swim Lessons:

Peace of mind about Swimming Pools
Firstly, for peace of mind, it is worth explaining that specifically in relation to swimming pools, government has stated that salt-chlorinated pools are particularly lower-risk environments because chlorine inactivates the coronavirus.
When kept at recommended levels, salt chlorinated water is an effective sanitiser for coronavirus.  Healthways has always, and will continue, to maintain high water quality levels. As always, our pool water is tested regularly throughout the day.  To put this in context for you, the minimum chlorine content that we always maintain, as per health department requirements for swimming pools, is 150-250% above the minimum chlorine content required to render coronavirus inactive.
Your whole body surface and every piece of equipment you touch is constantly being sanitised in a salt chlorinated swimming pool, as such it is one of the most sanitised environments you can be in.

Re: Contact Tracing:

  • Everyone is required to register your visit as you enter the centre, via the QR codes at the entrances or paper form.
  • This is a government directive and mandatory for all locations that you attend around Victoria.  Reception will be checking that you’ve checked in as you come in.  Thank you.
  • This is in addition to your child being ticked off their class list.  (The class tick sheet registers your child’s attendance at the centre, and the QR code or paper form registers the adult that has attended with that child.)  Thank you for continuing to follow this procedure diligently.

Re: Vaccination:

  • For Staff:  As per government requirement, all staff at Healthways are 100% vaccinated.
  • For Patrons, not participating in swimming lessons: As per government requirement, vaccination is a condition of entry to the centre for anyone over 12yrs 2mths old. This is a government directive and mandatory for locations that you attend around Victoria. You will need to show proof of vaccination each time you come in. Thank you for being kind to our staff at this time.
  • For Patrons, participating in swimming lessons: As per government requirement, vaccination is not a condition of entry for the student and 1 parent/guardian per student (if required). Please note this condition ONLY applies if you are visiting the centre to participate in swimming lessons. If visiting the centre for any other reason vaccination is a condition of entry.
  • It is so important that all children learn how to swim.
    • If parent/guardians are not fully vaccinated, patrons should consider whether children can be brought to class by someone else they know who is vaccinated, or whether children can attend the centre without a parent/guardian. The minimum age for children to visit the centre without an accompanying adult is 8yrs old. Alternatively, 1 parent/guardian may attend per student (if required).

Re: Face-masks:

  • When you enter the building, please have your facemask already on.
  • The only people exempt from wearing a face-mask inside the facility are:
    • Children under 12years old.
    • People with an exemption, as described by law.
    • People in the water, about the enter the water, or having just exited the water.
    • People undertaking strenuous exercise, and who need extra breath temporarily.
  • Children under 12years old, particularly children in Grade 3 and above, are encouraged to wear a face-mask as per school requirements.
  • If you’re not entering the water, your face-mask should be worn the whole time when in the building, except if eating/drinking.
  • If you’re entering the water, face masks are not appropriate to be worn in water (because if they get wet you can’t breathe).  However for activities where the face is not regularly underwater face shields can be worn optionally.  If you’re wearing a face-shield, face-masks should be worn on pool deck right up until the moment you’re walking into the pool.  The last thing you should do before getting in the pool is put on your face shield (optional) and remove your face-mask.  Similarly, when you exit the water, the first thing you should do is put on your face-mask.
  • Teachers will be wearing face-shields in the water.
  • Face-masks are available for purchase from reception if you forget your mask at home and wish to buy a pack.  A pack of 5 x 3ply disposable face-masks is $4.00.

Re: Social distancing:

  • Please note:  Social distancing for children and non-swimmers is not appropriate in the water, as water safety should be maintained at all times.  However, social distancing is recommended for adults in the water where possible.  As such, Parent & Child classes will be socially distanced down the length of the pool.  Markers are on the side of the pool to identify this.
  • When in other areas of the centre, please maintain social distancing where possible.

Re: Minimising the number of people in the centre:

  • Government guidance continues to be that the number of people in the facility is minimised.  As such:
    • Please only arrive 5 minutes before your class time.
    • Please only have 1 adult attending per child, where possible.
    • If there’s more than 1 child in the family, please only attend with 1 parent per family where possible.
    • There cannot be additional spectators in attendance.  (Other children/adults that you’re caring for are not included in this.)
    • If your children are over 8years old, please consider waiting outside or in your car during their lesson.
    • After your lesson, please leave the centre promptly.

Re: Minimising the use of the changerooms:

  • Government guidance is that the use of changerooms is minimised.  As such:
    • Please arrive in your bathers, where possible.
    • Please shower and change at home, where possible.

Re: Density quotients:

  • There are maximum numbers permitted in each part of the building.  The class timetable has been set to adhere to this.  Please observe the signage around the centre.  (Staff and adults who are in the water assisting students are not counted in head-counts.)
  • If your children are over 8years old, please consider waiting outside or in your car during their lesson.

Thank you in advance for following all procedures with due diligence and care, so that everyone continues to feel confident.

See you soon,
The Healthways Team

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