Aqua Bubs & Aqua Tots Open Day


Come have fun in the pool with your 6 mth – 5 yr olds.

We develop skills over 6 main skill areas: Entries & Exits; Floating, Sculling & Keeping Balance; Kick and Arm action; Submersions; Child Development Skills; and Parent Education.

Did you know swimming improves… Co-ordination & Balance; Sleeping & Eating patterns; Muscle development; Heart & Lung strength; The bond between carer and child.

Lots of activities for your littlies, lots of information for you… and lots of FUN!

These sessions are a perfect way to introduce your children to water skills and see what happens in classes. On the day the pool will be set up with lots of games & activities that the children can do in their own time. You will need 1 adult in the water per child. Each child under 3 years must be wearing an aqua-nappie. All other equipment is provided. Come any time during the session.

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