Swimming Lessons have started again!

Hello to all our wonderful swimming families.  We miss you and cannot wait to see you all again.  Stay safe.  Healthways Swim Team

Swimming Lessons have started again

We are looking forward to seeing all our swimming families who have been missing their swimming lessons.  Happy days are here again!  Swimming lessons have recommenced for the year.


To express your interest in class times and to book please use on of the online links below:

In the meantime, here’s some other things we know:

Building your child’s confidence.

When classes resume our first focus is going to be building the children’s confidence back up again. 
We know that everyone will have lost some of their skills, some children may be tentative, some children may be so excited to be back.  It’s all okay, everyone is going to take it at their own pace.
We ask that all parents approach the return to lessons with encouragement and positivity.  Keep it fun, don’t get stressed, and the rest will follow.
We have 2 student progress review weeks planned during the term, and challenges will be introduced progressively to help them pick-up from where they left off earlier in the year.

There is every reason to feel confident returning to swimming lessons

The government has been very clear that reopening is happening in a very conservative way.  So, as restrictions ease we all know that the government will only do so because they have absolute confidence that things are under control.
Specifically in relation to pools, government has confirmed that salt-chlorinated pools are particularly lower-risk environments because chlorine inactivates the coronavirus.
Staff and clients should have lots of reasons to feel confident.

Learning to swim is as important as ever

Conversations with government, education and health groups have all turned to discussing how drowning prevention is to be addressed over this time.  The risks of not learning to swim are well-known, and even in a COVID-19 world, sadly drowning is still the number 1 preventable cause of death for children.  Life Saving Victoria (LSV) has joined many other leaders in sharing their concerns that COVID-19 may create a generation of non-swimmers who will never be safe around the water.  For the full story in The Age CLICK HERE.  At Healthways we are committed to making sure this doesn’t happen in our community.  We’re ready to continue lessons and teach this live-saving skill.

Our staff are awesome

Throughout closure, zoom classes, renovations, preparing to open, opening… and then closing again, there is the most wonderful bunch of people that work here and look after the community and each other.  We will continue to look after them as best as we can.
Additionally, over this time some staff have been recognised on state and national platforms:

Congratulations Val Silva!

Finalist for Aquatic & Recreation Victoria’s ‘Swim Teacher of the Year Award 2020’!

Val has been working at Healthways for 11 years teaching swimming and working in customer service.  Val was named as an award finalise at an online industry gala event in Term 4 2020.
She says “my dream ever since my teenage years was to be a Physical Education teacher specializing in swimming.”  As a teenager in her home country of Brazil she began her university degree to be a school sports teacher.  Life events ended up bringing her to Australia where she started her family.  After having her 2 children she decided to go after her dream again and pursued a career in swimming teaching.  She says “I still remember the feeling after leaving my interview, that feeling of excitement and hope of finally being able to follow my dreams.  When I’m in the pool, teaching, I forget about everything else!  I love the water and the people I work with!  But most of all I love when one of my students, being a child or an adult, realizes they can swim and move independently through the water.  It’s the most beautiful feeling!”
Congratulations Val!  We love having you as part of the team.  Thank you for everything that you do.  We are so proud of you!
If you want to send Val a message of thanks/ support/ congratulations send an email to healthways@healthways.com.au and it will get passed on to her from there.  Good luck Val!

Congratulations Theresa Stewart!

Appointed to the Board of ‘Australian Swim Schools Association’.

Theresa is Healthways’ Operations Manager.
In 2010, Theresa was elected President of Victoria’s Branch of the Swim Schools Association.  Last month she was was appointed to the board of the ‘Australian Swim School Association’ (ASSA).  There are only 9 board members from across Australia.  This is the peak industry body for swim schools, and membership on the board is as high up as you can get in the industry.
She is a mother of 2 primary school aged children, a sitting member of school council – elected in 2019 after coordinating her children’s school fair in 2018, a swimming teacher, a manager, and is currently studying her Diploma in Early Education & Care.
Since March this year, Theresa has been supporting the Learn-to-Swim Industry’s response to COVID-19, writing industry information, engaging with industry think-tanks, and has been a speaker at a National industry meeting.
Congratulations Theresa!  We are so grateful to have you in our team and to work with you every day.  If you want to send Theresa a message of thanks/ support/ congratulations send an email to healthways@healthways.com.au and it’ll get passed on to her from there.

The ‘New Normal’

Both our centres have everything in place to re-open in a COVID-Safe way.  Thank you to everyone who has attended so far for following the ‘new normal’ procedures with due diligence and care.

Peace of mind about Swimming Pools
Firstly, for peace of mind, it is worth explaining that specifically in relation to swimming pools, government has stated that salt-chlorinated pools are particularly lower-risk environments because chlorine inactivates the coronavirus.
When kept at recommended levels, salt chlorinated water is an effective sanitiser for coronavirus. Healthways has always, and will continue, to maintain high water quality levels. As always, our pool water is tested regularly throughout the day. To put this in context for you, the minimum chlorine content that we always maintain, as per health department requirements for swimming pools, is 150-250% above the minimum chlorine content required to render coronavirus inactive.
Your whole body surface and every piece of equipment you touch is constantly being sanitised in a salt chlorinated swimming pool, as such it is one of the most sanitised environments you can be in.

The New Normal

That being said, there are some ‘new normal’ procedures to follow.

  • There are strict maximum numbers permitted in each part of the building. Current government restrictions permit 20 students in the pool at a time. The class timetable has been set to adhere to this. Staff and adults who are in the water assisting their children are not counted in pool head-counts.
  • There can only be 1 adult attending per child. If there’s more than 1 child in the family, please only attend with 1 parent per family where possible.
  • Please arrive already in your bathers, so you don’t have to use the change rooms where possible.
  • We’ve had renovations at both centres during lock-down and there are now separate entries and exits for the pool. Please observe the signage and move in one direction.
  • Contract tracing as you arrive. Everyone who attends the centre will have their attendance recorded via QR code (or if you don’t have QR codes enabled on your phone, paper records are in place also.) This will be in addition to your child/ren’s attendance being recorded for their swimming lesson. See the signage while you are coming through the front door.
  • Temperatures will also be checked as you arrive. Everyone will have their temperature checked as they come into the centre. Anyone with a temperature over 37.5 degrees Celcius will not be permitted into the building and will be provided with information for where to get a COVID test.
  • Please observe floor markings showing 1.5m, and patron signage indicating how many people can be in an area at one time. Please arrive 5 minutes early for your lesson only.
  • Social distancing for children and non-swimmers is not appropriate in the water, as water safety should be maintained at all times. However, social distancing is required for adults in the water. As such, Parent & Child classes will be socially distanced down the length of the pool. Markers are on the side of the pool to identify this.
  • Re: Face coverings. Adults and Children over 12 years old are required to wear a face mask outside of the home. In the pool, face masks are not appropriate to be worn in water (if they get wet you can’t breathe), however face shields need to be worn for all activities where the face is not regularly under water. As such:
    • All in-water staff will be wearing face-shields.
    • All adults assisting their child in the water will need to wear a face shield. You can:
      • Bring your own if you have one, or
      • The ones that teachers are using are available for purchase at reception at cost price for $9.90, or
      • For enrolments that started earlier in the year and were postponed due to lock-down we’ll be providing you with a complimentary face-shield. Everyone’s support in postponing their classes has made ALL the difference to being able to support our staff and business over this time. Thank you.
    • The only people exempt from wearing a face-covering are:
      • Children under 12years old.
      • People swimming with their face predominantly in the water.
      • People with an exemption, as described by law.
    • Face masks should be worn on pool deck right up until the moment you’re walking into the pool. The last thing you should do before getting in the pool is put on your face shield and remove your face mask. Similarly, when you exit the water, the first thing you should do is put on your face mask.
  • Sanitiser is included in all our cleaning products. There are sanitiser stations positioned throughout the building. Please use the sanitiser spray before and after using surfaces. All surfaces, including floors, walls, benches, tables, etc, are also regularly wiped down as part of daily cleaning rosters.
  • Classes will run for 29-30 minutes, so there is 1 minute buffer for one class to exit pool-side before the next class comes pool-side. Please keep the children with you at the seating area while the class before yours leaves the pool area, and then go pool side when the pool deck is clear.
  • After your lesson, please leave the pool deck promptly. Where possible, please shower and change at home. Thank you.

Everyone has received a full credit for classes that haven’t happened

As per all previous communications since the beginning of COVID-19, we would like to continue to reassure all clients that we will honour any services you have paid for.

  • If you missed a class in Term 1 2020 – You are able to do make-up classes in lieu of your absences.  Bookings are now open.
  • Any classes that were cancelled due to temporary business closure AND/OR any classes that have been postponed – You have received a full credit for all services.  There is no expiry date for this credit.  Credit amounts can be put towards any lessons or purchases at the centre any time in the future.

Thank you for not requesting a refund.  Your support has made ALL the difference to being able to support our staff and the business over this challenging time.  Small and local businesses support the community.  We have absolutely gotten behind the ‘Support Local’ movement with our suppliers and community, and thank you so very sincerely for doing the same with us.

Information updates

We’ll continue to be in touch by email over the coming weeks.
In the meantime, we hope that all the children who started back at childcare, kinder, and school over the past few weeks have happily transitioned back into their in-person education.  We look forward to being a part of your weekly schedule again soon.

Healthways ongoing COVID-19 response:

Healthways is committed to:

  • Following any government advice and implementing policy and procedure recommendations;
  • Following any requirement from the government in regard to business operations; and
  • Following any requirement from the government in regard to business closure.

Thank you for being part of the Healthways family.  Let us all respond to this evolving situation thoughtfully, stay calm and act responsibly; and in the Australian tradition let us all look out for each other, support each other, and we will get through this together.

If there is anything further you wish to discuss please contact us by email at healthways@healthways.com.au.

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