Dickie Knee visits Healthways


A Special Visitor!

Dickie Knee… the actual REAL Dickie Knee visited Healthways this week.

To all the fans of ‘Hey Hey it’s Saturday’, Dickie Knee came out of his Channel 9 home and made a special appearance at Healthways Mont Albert this week.  We couldn’t believe it!  And we’re not pulling you leg – this actually happened!

Dickie Knee came in to go bowling!  Brought in to the building in a calico bag during an on-location photo shoot in the bowl this week, Dickie Knee is appearing in a series of commercials and they needed a tenpin bowling location.  We met the real honest-to-goodness Dickie Knee!!!

He was very impressed with our swimmers and had a good chat with Val at the front desk.  His attitude and bad language has much improved with age.  Dickie, it was an absolute honour to meet you!  We look forward to seeing you again in a few days when you come back to finish the photo shoot!

(If you have no idea who we’re talking about…  For a taste of who Dickie Knee is check out this classic youtube video, https://youtu.be/n0VPIviw7Fc)

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